Ethiopia appoints EDU Partner AIDIA's Advisor, Honorary Consul to Nepal

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has Mr. Rajendra Giri as an Honorary Consul of Ethiopia to Nepal on March 10, 2017. The initiation for his appointment was taken by EDU Partner AIDIA in 2015.

Honorary Consular Officers are those entrusted in that capacity with the exercise of consular functions, mostly business personnel. The provisions of Chapter II of the present Convention apply to consular posts headed by career consular officers; the provisions of Chapter III govern consular posts headed by honorary consular officers. As stated in the Article 5 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, one of the consular functions is to “furthering the development of commercial, economic, cultural and scientific relations between the sending State and the receiving State and otherwise promoting friendly relations between them in accordance with the provisions of the present Convention”.

Both Ethiopia and Nepal are landlocked countries with similarities in multiple ethnicities, agrarian economy, huge hydropower potentiality, diverse biodiversity, rich history and with similar experience of conflict in the past. But Ethiopia was able to get double digit economic growth for more than a decade after being able to maintain Political Stability in the country and unity among different ethnicities inside country. AIDIA, is an independent, non-partisan, foreign policy think-tank, based in the highly geo-strategic Himalayan region. AIDIA also takes initiation for appointing Honorary Consul of Nepal to different countries and of different countries to Nepal in order to furthering the development of commercial, economic, cultural, scientific and friendly relations of Nepal with different countries.

AIDIA's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sunil K.C said:

"I believe that this appointment will be fruitful for fostering mutual relations between two countries and AIDIA will continue such works of taking initiation for promoting Nepal's relation with different countries".

Rajendra Giri is Business Development professional from Kathmandu, Nepal. He is a law graduate with two Masters' Degrees in Economics and Business Studies. Mr. Giri is currently an Economic Advisor to AIDIA and Chairman of Kailash Development Bank. He has had and continues to have membership with a number of prestigious institutions across Nepal including the Shrijan Bikas Kendra, Management Association of Nepal and the International Associations of Lions Clubs. He is also the Vice President and Founding Member of Nepal International ADR Centre and is board member of the Nepal Corporate Governance Forum.


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