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The EDU Digital Art Contest receives almost 11,000 entries from artists worldwide

Announcement of Finalists delayed


31 Mar 2024

The EDU Digital Art Competition receives almost 11,000 entries from talented artists from all over the world.

The Secretary General issued the following statement:

"Here at EDU we were shocked and overwhelmed at the numbers of entries to the competition. While on the surface this was a fantastic feeling for us all, the situation also caused a logistical problem. I am proudly and personally involved with judging each entry. Of course, selecting the best of the best to narrow down a shortlist of finalists is extremely time consuming. Currently I am personally reviewing about 180 entries per day. I expect the finalists to be published on or around May 1st 2024. I would personally like to thank all the artists who took part and wish you all the very best of luck. Thank you."

The overall winning artist shall receive $100,000 USD (paid in Ethereum) and personally meet the Secretary General of EDU.

Cost of travel to Brussels will be met by EDU.

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