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EDU Accreditation Standards

EDU Accreditation is a simplified form of Accreditation available for Schools, Colleges, Universities and other Institutions of Learning around the world who wish to Prove Legal Status and Competency to Operate.

EDU Secretary-General
EDU Accreditation System

Although available for application from schools all over the world, EDU Accreditation is particularly advantageous to institutions in developing countries.

All too often, schools in developing countries are excluded from membership of foreign accreditation agencies, for the most part, due to financial constraints, or an inability to adhere to some of the complicated 'First World' policies so prevalent in most accreditation agency policies today.

The EDU Accreditation System was developed to ensure that institutions in developing countries have a fair opportunity of membership based on their legal recognition, respectability and competence in their home country or jurisdiction of operation.

EDU Accreditation allows Employers, HR Departments or other 3rd Parties wishing to verify the legal status of a foreign institution, to do so quickly without additional research.

How to Apply

Institutions wishing to apply for EDU Accreditation may download EDU Standards and Contact the Office of the Secretary General.

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