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EDU Secretary-General meets pioneering female Romanian Diplomat

Her Excellency Ms. Manuela Breazu is the first woman Career Ambassador of Romanian diplomacy. A university trained oil engineer by trade, she has represented Romania at the highest diplomatic level in Australia, Mexico and Argentina.

As head of an Intergovernmental Organization that is committed to gender equality, His Excellency Irving Le-Vance was particularly pleased to meet this accomplished pioneer in what are traditionally male dominated professions. Ms. Breazu, a well travelled polyglot, demonstrated a razor wit and a clear pride in her homeland and the qualities of Romanian women.

She radiates an impressive combination of intelligence, professionalism, poise and grace.

SG with HE Manuela Breazu Romanian Ambas

Of course, the Secretary-General was proud to report having encountered the impressive qualities of accomplished Romanian ladies when he informed the Ambassador that currently the only Romanian to feature on the EDU Assessment Committee is Dr. Roxana Mittler-Matica who is a Resident Neurosurgeon in Brunswick in Germany.

This led the Ambassador to open a detailed discussion on one of the Secretary-General’s pet topics, that of ‘brain drains’.


She lamented the fact that the media and public at large often comment of the migration of poorer Romanians to other EU countries, but the economic benefit to host countries of the westward migration of highly educated and capable Romanian graduates is never reported. Similarly the net loss of this expensively trained, high value, workforce to Romania’s development potential is under appreciated.

Proudly wearing a traditional Romanian blouse, H.E. Manuela Breazu is photographed alongside H.E. Irving Le-Vance of EDU

Taking office in Dublin late last year, Her Excellency Ms. Manuela Breazu is currently the Romanian Ambassador to Ireland. She is impressed with the dynamics and diversity of the Romanian community in her new host country, especially the extremely warm relations between Romanians living in this country and the people of Ireland.

Ambassador Manuela Breazu

Accreditation of the International Peace and Development Training Centre (IPDTC) 

The Secretary-General of EDU took pleasure in briefing the Ambassador on the recent accreditation by EDU of the International Peace and Development Training Centre (IPDTC) based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.


It is operated by the Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania and  has trained thousands of people in peacebuilding, from communities to conflict parties, senior political leadership and staff and country missions of the UN, the OSCE, Commonwealth Secretariat and other intergovernmental organizations.

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