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SWAZILAND (Kingdom of Eswatini)


Minutes for Promulgation and Transparency

Minutes of Meeting  between H.E. Joel M. NHLEKO of Kingdom of Swaziland Mission to the European Communities and H.E. Irving LEVANCE of the Intergovernmental Organization EDU.

Matters discussed:

  • EDU mission to promote international education and understanding explained.

  • EDU Accreditation system based on legality and competency to operate explained.

  • WWW.EDU.INT website.

  • Education is a high priority for Swaziland.

  • Emphasis is to ensure education is adequate for 21st Century needs.

  • Policy focus is to improve development.

  • Bulk of Budget allocated to Education.

  • Majority of population is young.

  • Primary education has been free since 2005.

  • Accreditation is a high priority.

  • EDU program would fill an accreditation void in Swaziland.

  • Have been cases of qualification abuse by westerners with questionable degrees.

  • Unfair that people from developing countries have the value of their qualifications undermined in the west.

  • EDU with its neutral agenda is welcome and developments will be observed.

  • Ambassador NHLEKO agreed to act as Point of Contact to communicate with government of Swaziland in process to participate formally in EDU.

  • H.E. Irving LEVANCE described the meeting as business-like and useful and thanked Ambassador NHLEKO for receiving him and for the generous gift of his time.



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