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Secretary-General H.E. Irving Levance briefed on Jordanian educational successes.

In an informative and interesting briefing, senior Jordanian diplomat H. E. Dr. Mazen Al-Tal explained to EDU Secretary-General H.E. G. Irving Levance the successful education and accreditation policies in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Education policy in Jordan is an essential component in His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein’s declared top priority, which is improving the living standards of Jordanians.

His Majesty is following a tradition of investing in the Jordanian people as a Human Resource, an essential policy for a country which has no natural resources. Jordan has invested heavily in education for this reason and the country has striven to develop one of the world’s best education systems.

In a professional and clear presentation, Dr. Mazen Al-Tal demonstrated a mastery of the subject in hand.


Credible accreditation and program quality to international standards are seen as essential, with Jordanians free to choose its own national Tawjihi curriculum or any foreign secondary education program instead of the Tawjihi examinations, such as IGCSE, SAT or IB.


These latter options are usually offered by private schools and international schools.

Faith based missionary schools operate throughout the Kingdom and are seen as a symbol of tolerance.

The National University is financially independent but also receives state funding in addition to student fees. Private universities operate fully independently, but within a strict accreditation system chaired by the Minister of Higher Education with guidelines set at all levels.

Dr. Mazen Al-Tal affirms that quality education is costly and requires a lot of resources and investment.

Jordan sees the benefit of interaction and exchange between universities on the international stage and has many exchange programs for both staff and students. Jordan is proud to have taken this a step further in establishing one of the first joint project universities: The German-Jordanian University where programs are conducted in Arabic, English and German.


It is seen as extracting the best aspects of different systems. It has been very successful and is a source of great national pride. Cultural exchange, scholarships and international cooperation is seen as essential to keep program content updated and relevant.

The result is a vibrant and successful education sector with Jordanian Human Resources being in high demand internationally.



Dr. Mazen Al-Tal assured the Secretary-General that it is Jordanian policy to use education to open horizons and opportunity.

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