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EDU - an Intergovernmental Organization.

EDU Secretary-General ‘encantado’ to receive Portuguese Parliamentary Delegation

H.E. Mr. Irving Levance, the Secretary-General of the Intergovernmental Organization EDU, is delighted to have been granted accreditation for direct access to the European Parliament in both Brussels and Strasbourg.




Gender Equality and Access to Quality Education

The Secretary-General listened intently to the delegation’s comments on wide ranging subjects including the current financial crisis, gender equality issues, education and health funding, access to quality education, international cooperation and the changing nature of Portuguese society.

Since the promoting the empowerment of women and gender neutral opportunities are core aims of EDU policies, it was a particular delight for the Secretary-General to see three accomplished ladies participating in the political and parliamentary system of Portugal at the highest levels.

Once formal matters were taken care of, the conversations became far more relaxed, with amusing anecdotal exchanges about Portugal and Portuguese language, society and culture becoming the order of the day.

H.E. Irving Levance was honoured to receive an invite to visit Lisbon in the near future to meet the Members of Parliament again, when schedules allow, with the avowed intention of partaking of traditional Portuguese culinary fare such as ‘Bacalhau, ‘Leitão’and ‘Aguardente’.

On bidding the group farewell, he did so with the traditional ‘Muito Prazer’ (pleasure to have met you) and ‘Até Logo’ – ('till later).

Several Portuguese Nationals sit on EDU's Official Assessment Committee, including:

  • Ana Cristina Neves, Head International Affairs at Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC), Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

  • Dr. Eduardo de Almeida Nunes , Lawyer and President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Lisbon.

  • Nuno Caetano Lopes de Barros Poiares - National Police Commissioner - PSP.

The Honourable Maria de Belém Roseira, a Law Graduate who is the President of the Socialist Party and former Minister for Health and Minister for Equality who was once voted Portugal’s most trusted minister.

The Honourable Elsa Cordeiro, also of the PSD Social Democratic Party. She is a Bank Manger by profession and holds a degree in Economic and Financial Management. She sits o the Parliamentary Commissions for Budget, Finance and Public Administration and Health. She is a member of the working group tackling the societal problems of alcohol and drug addiction.

The Honourable Maria da Graça Mota of the PSD Social Democratic Party who is a Medical Doctor by profession and who serves on the Parliamentary Commissions for Health, Agriculture and the Sea.

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