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Renewal of Accreditation for Protocol International

Institution:   Protocol International (The Hague, Netherlands)

EDU Accreditation:  21st Nov 2018   -  21st Nov 2022



Protocol International delivers professional consultancy and training programmes, in both Dutch and English on international protocol and business etiquette for Royal Courts, Governments, Intergovernmental Organizations and Corporations.

After retiring as the Master of Ceremonies of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands the company was founded by Gilbert Monod de Froideville who has over 40 years of experience in international protocol.


Gilbert Monod de Froideville - Founder of Protocol International



01. Introduction to protocol

  • The history of protocol

  • The difference between protocol and etiquette

  • The different meanings of protocol and its role in both the private and public sector

  • Cultural awareness


02. Order of Precedence and the Applications of Protocol

  • What is an order of precedence? How is the order of precedence set within an international organization?

  • Applications of protocol

  • An introduction to seating arrangements at a lunch/dinner or ceremony

  • Greeting procedures, processions, receptions and cortèges

03. Types of Visits and their components, Gift Exchange and Exchange of Decorations

  • Organization of Official visits

  • Exchange of gifts

  • Exchange of decorations


04. Etiquette

  • Invitations

  • Guest lists

  • Presentation of guests

  • Reception and Dinner

  • Management of Hospitality

05. Flags, Anthems and Logos

  • History of flags

  • The meaning of colors and different designs

  • The appropriate way to display country flags

  • Laws, customs and observances as well as how to show the correct respect during national anthems and determine flag and logo precedence.

  • Flags and the order of precedence in International organizations


06. Dress Codes Western Styles

  • Corporate and Government dress codes

  • Dress codes by appointment of invitation

07. Ceremonies, Traditions and Rituals

  • Participants will learn the history of ceremonies.

  • Understand the common practices and key elements of ceremonies.

08. Media

  • The definitions of concepts in the world of Media

  • Who are the media? What role does media in Daily Life, the importance of Media Coverage

  • Crisis Communications

  • Media Pools

  • Press Conferences

09. Strategic Networking

  • Participants will learn the Strategy for building, deepening and strengthening long-term relationships, the importance of a database for your relations and social and strategic networking at corporate events and Royal Courts.

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