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Secretary-General of EDU discusses sustainability with Italian Statesman

A keen advocate of sustainable development, the Secretary-General of the Intergovernmental Organization EDU, His Excellency Irving Levance was pleased to have the opportunity to discuss that very subject with the Honourable Francesco Rutelli, the President of the Alliance for Italy, the centrist political party in Italy of which he is co-founder.


Mr. Rutelli, is an influential figure in both Italian and European politics. In the Italian Senate he is Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic and co-president of the European Democratic Party, a centrist and progressive political group of Members of the European Parliament.

He was originally elected to the Italian Senate with the Democratic Party, is also Chairman of the bipartisan think tank on climate change and environmental issues "Centro per un Futuro Sostenibile" (Centre for a Sustainable Future).

A charismatic orator, Francesco Rutelli has an impressive political pedigree having served as a European Deputy, Minister of Environment and Urban Areas, Mayor of Rome, Minister of Culture and Tourism and Minister of Welfare and Cultural Activities. He was defeated in a presidential bid in 2001 by Silvio Berlusconi.


Mr. Rutelli has been an advocate of environmentally friendly or ‘Green’ policies since first being elected in 1983. He has consistently championed humanitarian and libertarian policies.

Senator Rutelli spoke eloquently and passionately on matters of sustainable development (a key EDU objective), environmental awareness, personal liberties and freedom of information in an captivating dialogue which the Secretary-General found to be of profound interest. His Excellency Irving Levance wished Senator Rutelli continued success in his political career and the two statesmen agreed to explore areas of common interest and cooperation.

Hon. Francesco Rutelli

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and Former Mayor of Rome.

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