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ISB Academy in Dubai receives EDU Accreditation

EDU Accreditation:  14 Mar 2024   -  13 Mar 2028


18 Mar 2024

Institution: ISB Academy in Dubai

EDU Accreditation:  14 Mar 2024   -  13 Mar 2028


ISB is officially approved by the Dubai KHDA, which stands for "Knowledge and Human Development Authority."

KHDA Dubai Approved Permit Nr.: 631419

The KHDA serves as the regulatory authority for educational institutions in Dubai.

This approval attests to ISB's commitment to maintaining high educational standards and aligning its programs with the educational regulations and quality benchmarks established by the Government of Dubai.

It reflects ISB's dedication to providing quality education and complying with the educational standards and guidelines set forth by the KHDA to ensure the best possible learning experience for its students. This approval further solidifies ISB's place within the educational landscape of Dubai, emphasizing its adherence to quality and compliance with regional educational authorities.

Approved Vocational Diplomas:

Approved Advanced Diplomas:

Approved Extended Diplomas:

Approved Advanced Extended Diplomas:

ISB Academy
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