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EDU to launch $100,000 USD Art Prize in 2024

EDU to commission $100,000 USD Art Contest in 2024


23 Dec 2023

"The competition will be promoted as an initiative to promote education through artistic expression, digital awareness, adoption and experimentation". Digital entries of artwork that showcase the capabilities of the digital medium while representing humanity across borders, culture, race, gender, age and religion". Secretary-General of EDU

Having travelled extensivley throughout his personal life and career, H.E. Irving Levance is an avid art and antiques collector and was also an early adopter of Web3 technology, which he believes to be a crucial component to Education in the future.

The EDU Digital Art Contest will be free to enter and open to persons over 18 who are emerging or established artists. A formal call for entries will be published in the New Year.

The overall winner will be awarded $100,000 USD and will be flown to Brussels to personally meet the Secretary-General.

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