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Secretary-General H.E. Levance personally welcomes newest member to EDU Committee.

His Excellency Irving Levance, took great pleasure in personally welcoming the latest member to the Academic Board of the EDU Assessment Committee; Latte Paul Angoli

From the Ivory Coast, Latte Paul Angoli got his B.A. degree in Spanish and American Studies from the Department of Language, Literature and Civilization, Faculty of Humanities, University of Cocody-bidjan, Ivory Coast. In 2000, Mr. Latte started his teaching career as Spanish teacher and, at the same time, he worked with the Ministry of Higher Education as Library Technician.  

He won a scholarship from the renowned Instituto Camões, to study Portuguese language and Cultures at the Faculty of Letters at the University of Lisbon, where between 2003 to 2006, he went on to study African literature at the Masters level. The title of his thesis was “The complexity of colonial policies and its literary representations”.  

EDU-intergovernmental Organization-Secre

Currently, Paul Angoli is a researcher at Centre of Portuguese Literature of the University of Lisbon (CLEPUL) and Centre of Classical Studies (C E C), as well as working hard as a doctoral candidate. The title of his ongoing thesis is “African and Greek myths”.  

He is the current President of COGID-PORTUGAL (General Coordinator of Ivorian Diaspora) as well as the President of African French Speaking Countries in Portugal (AFRAPO). 

Mr. Angoli’s long term goal is to create a world class school specializing in Tourism Management to help the Ivory Coast develop that sector of its economy and believes that EDU Accreditation would be a helpful factor in the success of that project.





Mr Angoli has undertaken to push strongly for the Ivory Coast to participate formally in the intergovernmental organization EDU and has assured the Secretary-General of direct access to the Minister of Education and the President of the Parliament of the Ivory Coast. 


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