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EDU Officials declared safe in Brussels Terror Attacks

22nd March 2016 - Brussels - Belgium

Making a solemn statement regarding the latest terror attacks in Brussels, H.E. Irving Levance the Secretary-General of EDU expressed some relief in knowing all EDU Officials have been accounted for unharmed.

"I am deeply saddened by the recent events unfolding in the heart of Europe, our beautiful and peaceful city of Brussels.

My thoughts and prayers are with those and the families of those killed and harmed in these horrible terrorist attacks.

As a matter of security, all EDU Officials and Employees  are requested to cancel all non-essential travel and remain extra vigilant until such time as the security services have analysed the current situation.

At EDU, we believe Education to be the most effective tool in combating radicalism at source, before it has the chance to flourish into innocent and impressionable young minds.

Therefore, in 2016, our efforts lobbying the European Parliament for increased funding into Education in developing countries and at-risk communities must be doubled".

H.E. Irving Levance   EDU Secretary-General

H.E. Mr. Irving Levance European Parliament Accreditation
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