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Organization of Eastern Caribbean States

"A most superb example of regional cooperation"  H.E. Irving Levance - EDU

EDU Secretary-General H.E. Irving Levance was pleased to be received by the Embassies of the Eastern Caribbean States to the Kingdom of Belgium and Missions to the European Union.

This is a joint diplomatic mission representing and advancing the interests of the Eastern Caribbean States consisting of the Commonwealth of Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  The OECS Mission in Brussels forms part of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States’ programme of joint diplomatic missions.

Its mission is to advance the political, economic and diplomatic interests of the Member States that are jointly represented by the Embassy/Mission with a view to strengthening the relationship with the European Union (EU), its constituent States and institutions, in concert with other CARIFORUM States and within the context of the ACP/EU partnership, in order to maximize the mutual benefits of the longstanding partnership between the Eastern Caribbean States and the EU.

The EDU Secretary-General described the OECS as:  "A most superb example of regional cooperation"




















Briefed by Paula Hippolyte-Bauwens, First Secretary and Chargé d’affaires in a most courteous and engaging manner, H.E. Irving Levance was interested to hear about recent developments with the University of the West Indies and how the OECS model of regional cooperation has been applied to education. 

The University of the West Indies (UWI), established in 1948 initially as an external College of the University of London and made fully independent in 1962, is the oldest, fully regional institution of higher learning in the Commonwealth Caribbean.


Supported by fifteen countries all current or former colonies of Great Britain, the UWI is committed to the development of the region through the training of its human resources, conducting research, delivering advisory services to governments as well as to the private sector and forging links with other institutions in the wider region and the rest of the world.




The University has expanded to four campuses that serve diverse communities across the Caribbean region - Cave Hill (in Barbados), Mona (in Jamaica) and St. Augustine (in Trinidad) and the Open Campus - all of which deliver high-quality education, research and services to all 15 contributing countries that support the University, as well as the Turks & Caicos Islands.


The University of the West Indies currently has a total enrolment of over 39,000 students and graduates annually approximately 5,800 students (at undergraduate, graduate and diploma levels).  

Knowledge creation combined with knowledge application in biotechnology, information technology, tropical medicine and chronic diseases, are acknowledged as traditional strengths of the UWI. Research capacity is a most important asset that must be supported and promoted because UWI graduate research students do form the core of the region’s future research capability.

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