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South Sudanese Ambassador supports participation in Intergovernmental Organization EDU and assures all necessary assistance and direct access to the highest levels of the Government of South Sudan.

H.E. Lumumba Maklele Nyajok, the energetic and charismatic diplomat from the world’s newest country, is the man chosen to be the first Head of Mission of the Republic of South Sudan to the European Union. 


When he received H.E. Irving Levance, Secretary General of the Intergovernmental Organization EDU, it was easy to see why his country had entrusted its representation to him. 

He has a Master Degree in Agricultural Economics and Development, from the University of Khartoum, a High Post Graduate Diploma in Planning, Management, Monitoring and Evaluation from the Pan African Institute for Development, East and Central Africa Zambia and a Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Alexandria, Egypt.

He was until most recently Director of the Economic and Technical Cooperation of the Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for South Sudan.

His prior career saw him with diverse roles such as Director General of Monitoring and Evaluation of the Ministry of International Cooperation, Khartoum; General Program Manager for International Relief and Development (IRD) in the Upper Nile State – Malakal; General Program Manager for CARE International in Western Bahr El Ghazal; Program Manager, Peace Building, CARE International, Western Bahr ElGhazal State Wau; Officer In-charge of the UNDP Southern Sudan and National Program, Manager for Area Rehabilitation Scheme – Juba; Officer In-charge UNDP Southern- Sudan-Juba and National Coordinator for Emergency, Relief and Recovery program in Bahr Al Jebel State – Juba; Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, of the Area Development Scheme in Northern Kordofan State, El Obied; Economic Analyst for the Area Development Scheme, Northern Kordofan State, El-Obied; Inspector of Agricultural planning and projects formulation for the  Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources in  Equatoria State – Juba and Assistant Inspector of Agricultural Planning and projects formulation for the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Equatoria State – Juba.

The Secretary General was impressed to receive a detailed and informative briefing from the Ambassador with the assistance of his charming and erudite First Secretary Miss Keri Adwok Nyaba, complete with a prepared précis. 

After a warm welcome, the Ambassador explained that as a new country, South Sudan is actively exploring new opportunities for development and capacity building.

Education is a core component of the future success of the fledgling country which faces that challenge of starting afresh and creating an inclusive educational system for people of different backgrounds.

Maklele Nyajok sees a lack of education as the primary reason for many of the country's immediate and medium term problems, such as intertribal conflicts and a cultural resistance to female education which, he opines, are impacting negatively on economic advancement.


The nomadic character of a large portion of South Sudanese society is an particular challenge that is being addressed by having teaching staff and materials follow the seasonal migratory movements of the nomadic tribes in an innovative scheme.

He acknowledges that the country requires help in facing these challenges.

The excellent précis “Education Priorities for South Sudan” identified 5 major challenges which face the Education Sector in South Sudan: 

  • Syllabus Module

  • Language

  • Skilled teachers

  • School facilities and conducive environment.

  • Encouraging female child education, adult education and nomadic education.


This has led to the establishment of Programme Areas:

Programme Area One:  Enhancing Education Quality, Programme Area Two: Increasing Access and Improving Efficiency in the Education System, Programme Area Three: Enhancing Literacy and Alternative Education, Programme Area Four: Enhancing Institutional and Human Capacity, Programme Area Five: Expanding Access to Quality Higher Education.


H.E. Lumumba Maklele Nyajok recognized a high level of compatibility between these Programme Areas and the capacities of the Intergovernmental Organization EDU.


He declared himself in favour of South Sudan participating formally in EDU, at the earliest possibility and undertook to do all that he could to ensure that happens. 

He has assured H.E. Irving Levance of all necessary assistance and direct access to the highest levels of the Government of South Sudan to facilitate its participation in, and future cooperation with, the Intergovernmental Organization EDU.

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