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$100,000 USD Digital Art Contest finalists named

Final 3 artists chosen by Secretary General listed


30 Jun 2024

After a spectacular response of almost 11,000 entries to the EDU $100,000 digital art contest, the Secretary-General has narrowed down the 3 finalists to the following artists (in no particular order).

Artist name: Darius Angelum

Single Work:  Kinder of Earth

Kinder of Earth by Darius Angelum

Artist name: Aleksander Sokolowski

Single Work: Meditation for Peace

Meditation for Peace by Aleksander Sokolowski

Artist name: Korvium

Collection:  10000 Skulls

(sample) 10000 Skulls Collection by Korvium

The winner will also be flown to Brussels to personally meet the Secretary-General.

On behalf of EDU, we would like to thank all the participants for their wonderful entries.

The entries from across the world were truly astonishing and we were amazed at the raw talent on display.

The final overall winner of the $100,000 USD in Ethereum will be announced at the end of July.

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