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Institution: Diplomatic Corps Institute

(e-learning with final exam in person)

EDU Accreditation Status: Valid – 24th February 2023 – 25th February 2027


The Diplomatic Corps Institute was originally formed in 1994 in association with Corps Diplomatique - Diplomatic Corps, as a non-profit body to offer certified courses to serving diplomats worldwide.


DCI has been fully accredited by EDU since 2014.

Studies are conducted in various modules, via open and distance learning and culminate with a final examination which is taken at one of the following city locations:

 London, Berlin, New York.

Certificate Courses

Each course certificate takes approximately 18 weeks at an average learning pace and consists of 1-4 modules per course.

To qualify for course acceptance, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • 25 years or older.

  • Be a serving diplomat with at least 2 years experience.

  • Sufficient ability in English language to undertake postgraduate level studies (including reading academic texts, discussing complex concepts with other course participants, and submitting written essay assignments of up to 2500 words in length)

  • Obtain written permission and support to begin the course from their Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The student must also obtain written authorization to attend a final exam in one of the above cities. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Unrestricted access to the Internet using Firefox or Internet Explorer web browsers 


The fee for a certificate course is 3950 Euros per student per course. Applicants must pay full fees upon official acceptance into the course.


The fee includes:


full tuition;

  • course orientation pack where applicable (optional readings);

  • access to all course materials online, via online classroom;

  • personal interaction via the online classroom with course lecturers, staff and other participants; 

  • online technical support;

  • certificate issued by the Diplomatic Corps Institute on successful completion of course requirements (interaction and participation, all assignments) plus pass grade in the final exam.

Partial Scholarships

A limited number of partial scholarships are available for diplomats from developing countries.


Current Courses Available

  • (CD268) - Diplomatic Immunities & Privileges  - Course Certificate

  • (CD269) - Vienna Convention versus Customary Law - Course Certificate

  • (CD270) - Delegation Management - Course Certificate

  • (CD271) - Diplomatic Etiquette & Protocol - Introduction

  • (CD272) - Diplomatic Etiquette & Protocol - Advanced Certificate

  • (CD273) - Treaties & Agreements - Introduction

  • (CD274) - Treaties & Agreements - Advanced Certificate

  • (CD275) - Cultural Etiquette in Diplomacy - Course Certificate

  • (CD285) - Legation Security Procedures - Course Certificate

  • (CD288) - e-Diplomacy - Introduction

  • (CD289) - e-Diplomacy - Advanced Certificate

  • (CD290) - Small States Protocol - Introduction

  • (CD291) - Small States Protocol - Advanced Certificate

  • (CD292) - 21st Century Diplomacy - Introduction

  • (CD293) - 21st Century Diplomacy - Advanced Certificate


Limited places are available.

To Apply, please email attaching a full Curriculum Vitae

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