H.E. Irving Levance - Secretary-General












An open message from the Secretary-General

Dear Excellencies, Commissioners, Officials & Representatives,

It is with enormous pride and the greatest appreciation that I offer my thanks for being selected as the Secretary-General of this esteemed intergovernmental organization.

I am deeply honored and privileged to head this organization and lead this important mission.

5 Year Plan:  Education first.

Combating Fake Accreditation Agencies and Unlicensed Schools.

Over the next 5 years, we will work closely with legitimate education accreditation agencies worldwide and promote increased dialogue and interaction between such agencies.

Besides promoting sustainable education into rural communities and promoting the continuance of education is crisis and post-crisis environments. One of the goals of EDU is to curb the questionable activities of fake schools and bogus accreditation agencies currently plaguing the global educational market, particularly online.

The mission of EDU is being well received by experts in the field.

There was a desperate and urgent need for a trustworthy international accreditation system. Fake Schools and fake accreditation are a world problem. EDU is helping to build and maintain a trustworthy system to make assessments easier for employers recruiting foreign graduates from universities and colleges.

Since the popularity of the internet, illegal schools and colleges have taken up residence providing “degrees for cash” to unaware or unscrupulous clients. Often these criminals are more adept at marketing online and can easily outperform legitimate institutions.

EDU Accreditation is voluntary and open for membership only to institutions operating legally. The same process applies to Accreditation agencies as we work towards ensuring the qualifications from developing countries are fairly assessed.

Our organization is fortunate to have recruited an impressive Assessment Committee to assist our mission. Many are experts in matters of accreditation/certification and management of quality standards.

Progress to date


Emergency response to the Ebola Crisis. Current Progress

Recruitment of the Assessment Committee. 85% Complete.  (Suitably qualified experts in accreditation and certification may email a CV)

•  Promoting sustainable education projects into the rural communities of developing nations. In Progress

• Database of EDU Recognized Accreditation Agencies and other bodies. Partially Complete

Establishment of EDU participation in the UN Global Compact program. Complete

• Creation of an 'early warning' newsletter informing Ministries of Education about latest methods employed by Degree Mills to circumnavigate legislation. Complete

EDU accredited Schools on all Continents. Partially Complete

Organize the establishment of Special Representative and Executive Representative offices worldwide. In Progress

Via donations from companies and other philanthropic funds, make available monetary grants to assist Ministries of Education in developing countries to create real-time databases of Licensed Schools, Colleges and Universities. In Progress

In closing, I must reiterate, that each Official of EDU is expected to carry out their duties fairly, honestly and to the best of their abilities.


With my sincerest compliments.

H.E.  Irving Levance   EDU - Secretary-General