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EDU Partner leads RoundTable on Prevention of Radicalization Study 

College of Crete renews commitment to EDU Accreditation

Education Situation for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon and Jordan  EDU

Nepal Government's Mid-Western University (MWU) appoints AIDIA's CEO as Visiting Faculty 

The Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR) awarded renewal of EDU Accreditation 

EDU Secretary-General endorses initiative by United Nations Industrial Development Organization  UNIDO

Ivorian Academic and Diplomat becomes EDU Special Adviser for African Affairs

EDU Officials declared safe in Brussels Terror Attacks  

EDU Secretary General received at Irish Parliament

EDU Partner Organization steps up Anti-Genocide Programs 

April 2015 Nepal Earthquake Response - EDU Secretary-General Commissions Impact Study 

EDU Secretary-General receives Acclaimed Genocide Scholar 

Leading Academic briefs EDU Secretary-General on Social Cohesion 

EDU signs MOU with IFIMES to promote Peace and Education  

Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies receives EDU Accreditation 

Asian Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs Accredited by EDU

EDU Accreditation achieved by Protocol International

Budapest Centre attains EDU Accreditation and Partner Status 

Institute of Protocol, The Hague, now Accredited by EDU  

Lord Mayor of Dublin receives EDU Secretary-General at The Mansion House Dublin - Ireland

H.E. Irving Le-Vance visits Trinity College Dublin

EDU Secretary-General meets pioneering female Romanian Diplomat   Romania

EDU joins global response against Ebola Crisis 

International Peace and Development Training Center (IPDTC) PATRIR achieves EDU Accreditation

EDU Accreditation System published in UN | DESA Knowledge Platform  

SIMAD University and Somali International University awarded EDU Accreditation  Somalia

Secretary-General Le-Vance studies successful Philippines education model for global relevance  Philippines

EDU Secretary-General receives briefing on Syrian Refugee Crisis from Jordanian Ambassador  Kingdom of Jordan

International Banking expert turned Diplomat briefs EDU Secretary-General on Georgia  Republic of Georgia

Azerbaijan Ambassador delivers interesting overview to EDU Secretary-General  Azerbaijan

Secretary-General of EDU pays personal homage to UNHCR heroes  UNHCR

Accomplished Cypriot Diplomat receives EDU Secretary-General  Republic of Cyprus

EDU Accreditation awarded to Earth Charter Center at UPEACE (Costa Rica) 

UNESCO President meets EDU Secretary-GeneralUNESCO

EDU Secretary-General agrees to sign Earth Charter  Earth Charter

Secretary-General meets Chair of the Economic and Environmental Committee at the OSCE  OSCE

H.E. Irving Levance receives delegation of current Members of the Portuguese National Parliament Portugal

Secretary-General Levance enjoys Official Visitor Privileges at United Nations in Vienna  United Nations

EDU Secretary-General meets distinguished Turkish Statesmen  Turkey

Celebrated Austrian Statesman meets with EDU Secretary-General  Austria

Secretary-General discusses sustainability with Italian Senator, Hon.Francesco Rutelli Italy

Lebanese Education Minister briefs EDU Secretary-General on importance of Liberal Education  Lebanon

United Nations (OIF) Permanent Representative meets Secretary-General Irving Levance  OIF

Secretary-General Irving Levance enjoys personal meeting with senior Canadian Statesman  Canada

Bangladeshi EDU Committee Member, Ms. Ferdous Ara Begum's address to the United Nations  United Nations

Secretary-General of EDU meets Secretary-General of Nordic Council of Ministers  Nordic Council of Ministers

Chilean Expert on Latin American Culture, Prof.J.R.Monroy, joins EDU Committee  Chile

EDU Secures further assistance from Gender Issues Specialists 

EDU welcomes world renowned Gender Issues Specialist to Committee   Bangladesh

EDU partners with ICD for Annual Conference 

EDU Secretary-General Accredited to European Union Parliament   

EDU signs MOU with SYDF  SYDF

Secretary-General accepts role as Chief Observer to CCLP's UN (ECOSOC) mission - Geneva, Switzerland  ECOSOC - United Nations

South Sudanese Ambassador fully supports participation with EDU  

United Nations Office at Geneva receives EDU Secretary-General  United Nations

Secretary-General requests Ghanaian representatives on EDU Assessment Committee Ghana

H.E. Irving Levance of EDU is received by H.E. Upali Sarrath Kongahage of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka

EDU agrees to formal negotiations with International School of Protocol and Diplomacy (Brussels)

Mauritius “Education Hub” policy: Accreditation essential EDU Secretary-General is informed 

Senegal educational successes detailed to Secretary-General of EDU  Senegal

OECS "A most superb example of regional cooperation"  H.E. Irving Levance

EDU Secretary-General receives personal briefing from multi-rolled Ugandan Diplomat  Uganda

Secretary-General personally thanks long standing Committee Member, Nuno Poiares

East Timor outlines education situation to EDU Secretary-General  East Timor

EDU welcomes Portuguese Lawyer, Dr. Almeida Nunes to Committee

Zambia provides well presented briefing to EDU  Zambia

EDU Secretary-General H.E. Irving Levance studies successful Singapore Education model. Singapore

D.R.Congo explain education situation to EDU Secretary-General H.E. Irving Levance.  Democratic Republic of the Congo

Zimbabwe pledges Intergovernmental Organization EDU maximum support at highest level  Zimbabwe

Secretary-General thanks accomplished UN diplomat Dr. Léon Makitu Nzuiki for valuable assistance to EDU. DRC Chamber of Commerce - Lisbon, Portugal

Prominent Bangladeshi Diplomat receives EDU Secretary-General  Bangladesh

Acclaimed opera star Tanja Šimić Queiroz offers kind humanitarian support to EDU  EDU

H.E. Irving Levance briefed on Jordanian educational successes.  Jordan

Secretary General H.E. Irving Levance meets accreditation expert Dr. Wedigo de Vivanco in Germany  EDU

Initial Namibia meeting 'positive': reports Secretary-General  Namibia

Secretary General Irving Levance welcomes North Africa delegation.  EDU

EDU Secretary General learns Swahili phrase during Tanzania briefing. Tanzania

Swaziland officials meet EDU Secretary-General Swaziland

EDU confirms 'Principle 6' to UN Global Compact (Communication on Progress) UN - Global Compact

Malawi ingenuity as an example of local empowerment, as told to EDU Secretary-General H.E. Irving Levance. Malawi

EDU becomes listed IGO with United Nations (Department of Economic and Social Affairs) UN-(DESA).  UN - DESA

EDU Summer Workshop - Education Across Borders, Genders, Ages and Cultures.  EDU

Solomon Islands College of Higher Education achieves EDU Accreditation     Solomon Islands

Mogadishu University earns EDU Accreditation Mogadishu University news  Somalia

EDU Academic Committee Member, Mr Tsiligris to be guest speaker at the British Council 'Going Global' Conference 2012 

MBS College now Accredited by EDU

EDU Secretary-General signs United Nations Global Compact Initiative  UN - Global Compact

UN ESCAP and ECOSOC Observer CCLP signs Memorandum of Understanding with EDU.

Euro College, Kumanovo, Macedonia - earns EDU Accreditation

To MBS College πιστοποιήθηκε απο το EDU        (Greek language)

Πιστοποίηση από τον ΕDU για το MBS College    (Greek language)

To MBS College πιστοποιήθηκε απο το EDU  (Greek language)

EDU to launch ‘International College Accreditation’ system.

O nouă organizaie interguvernamentală în domeniul educaiei va lucra cu Ageniile de Acreditare.    (Romanian language)




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